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plaque alvéolaire transformée

The properties of the honeycomb board are very diverse and we can implement a wide range of lightweight packaging solutions to help you secure, protect and wedge your products during transport.

Here are some examples of applications, and we remain at your disposal to develop your project.

The Key points

  • Light and resistant
  • Alternative to polystyrene
  • Recyclable from recycled materials

Examples of applications

Transport chocks

Optimize the stacking heights of your products thanks to our wedges and reinforce the stability of irregular parts on the pallets during their transport. These perforated boards are commonly used in industries producing yarns.

We offer our wedges in various dimensions upon request. We can help you in the design of the perforations and crushings to suit the specific dimensions of your products and allow their better handling and guarantee their protection.


The honeycomb structure of our spacers provides shock absorption and effective protection of your products.

We offer our spacers in widths starting at 50mm, in lengths up to 3000mm and in thickness upon request.


Honeycomb filler is an environmentally friendly and renewable substitute for polystyrene; depending on the chosen combination of cover paper and honeycomb type, we offer either rigid or flexible, cost-effective fillers to protect your products.

We offer our cushioning in dimensions upon request.

Low Weight pallets

With a gross weight of a few kilos, our honeycomb pallet can carry a static load of up to 2000 kg and is a light and hygienic alternative to the wooden pallet (the cardboard pallet is not subject to ISPM 15). Use a paper pallet to save weight and optimize loading.

Our pallets are fully customizable, both in terms of the platform and the feet; the maximum size is 1200 x 3000 mm..

A new approach to your project !

We will remain at your disposal to develop a specific product for your project without limiting our imagination.