Corint Sud was founded in 1996 and manufactures, in the South-West of France, paper honeycomb, honeycomb panels and a wide range of lightweight packaging products, which are delivered throughout Europe.

The specific continuous honeycomb manufacturing process is a main part of our company’s know-how, which ensures a high level of quality.

Our manager has more than thirty years of experience in paper honeycomb field.

Our services

We have been involved in paper honeycomb products since 1996, and we are daily committed to the satisfaction of our customers, providing the best possible advice and design adapted to the projects submitted to us.

We help you, in all your projects, to find the best solution with an eco-friendly product, made from recycled paper and 100% recyclable, for the manufacturing of doors, furniture, building projects, packaging, or the securing of goods transport.

We will answer as well as possible to all your specific requests. We have a good knowledge of our material and all its applications : by tuning all the parameters (paper quality, width, grooving, mesh, thickness, type of cover paper), we will approach your problem as closely as possible.

Our goal and our motto : the quality of our service and your full satisfaction!

Our values

In addition to our customers’ satisfaction, we are attentive to the world around us.

Two subjects are of particular importance to us :

Reducing our impact on the environment for a more sustainable development

  • We process recycled paper; and we have formalized our commitment to the use of responsible sources through our FSC ® (Forest Stewardship Council ®) certification obtained in 2012.
  • We pay attention to the treatment of our offcuts and waste within local recycling circuits (circular economy).
  • We treat our effluents.
  • We encourage the sorting of waste within the company.
  • We are decreasing our electricity consumption through the increasing use of LEDs.
  • We have banned the use of plastic water bottles in order to reduce our wastes.

Getting involved in local life by sponsoring various associations.